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Making the news rounds recently was a million reward to whomever marries one stubborn Honk Kong man’s daughter.She’s in a happy relationship already, but her father can’t handle the fact that it’s with a girl. Woody Allen, the famous American comic, has had a public relationship with his former stepdaughter for around two decades now. There was no scandal, but people refer to it all the time as a scandal.” Perhaps the situation is the same here, insofar as there is no sexual contact yet (which would constitute pedophilia for Muyi).And these ‘’leftover women’’, as they’re called, read this story and see a world gone mad.As another commenter said, rather dryly: ‘’Next time he should just go directly to a kindergarten to pick himself a truly innocent and pure little girlfriend.’’Maybe that last commenter is right — maybe it won’t work out, and maybe Muyi will have to look for someone else.

Then, maybe, this kind of story won’t even become news anymore — it’ll be too common. There are plenty of 19 year olds who seem about as mature as other 16 year olds. Psychology and law tend not to be as simple as a numbers game.

And guess who’s looking forward to the sweet sixteen?

“I simply can’t wait for these next four birthdays of yours to pass,” Muyi said on the microblogging Chinese site Weibo (similar to Twitter).

But when I say “not strange,” I’m not saying “not strange.” This is eye-catching no matter where you come from.

Her being 16 when he’s 28 is actually not particularly uncommon in places like Japan, but that’s four years from now.

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