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Jewish children acquired their elementary education at the Hebrew Tarbuth School, and some of the boys attended the Heder.

Some graduates continued their studies at the Kelm or Telz yeshivoth.

Religious life centered around the great Beth Midrash.

Among the rabbis who served Vidukle were: Yehezkel Rabinovitz Yedidyah Gorbinsky Yehoshua Ha Cohen Kaplan (1873–1941); he published several books on religious issues and was the last rabbi of Vidukle, murdered together with his community in 1941.

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During that period Vidukle Jews continued to deal in the small trades, crafts and agriculture.

According to the government survey of 1931, four shops were operating in town, two of them were Jewish, a textile shop and a pharmacy.

According to the same survey, Jews also owned a sawmill, a flourmill, a wool–combing shop and a leather factory.

One day an order was issued for all men fourteen years old and older to come to the building of the local council.

The old people were sent back to their homes, but others were taken to the railway station under heavy guard and locked in the house of the Fridman family and in the barns in the yard. These men were forced to carry heavy loads on their backs from on place to another and then run back of Tamuz, 5701) old men were taken out of the Beth Midrash where they were locked and led to the railway station.

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