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Parents of kids with sensory issues research restaurants before they go out, and if your reviews say your dining room is too loud and the lights are too harsh, they won’t see you as a viable family dining option.

Consider installing sound dampeners to better control the noise levels in your dining room.

An overly noisy restaurant can put any guest in a bad mood, but especially guests who have trouble hearing to begin with.

This isn’t just for the hard of hearing, either; many guests of all ages have sensory challenges.

While they are an investment, ordering a small amount of braille menus for when you have blind guests can make a big difference for that table.

It allows the blind patrons to browse your menu at their own pace, and it allows their companions to read the menu for themselves instead of helping their friend.

Many guests (including older diners) have partial vision, so print your menus is an easy to read sans-serif font with larger font size.

One of the most basic goals of any restaurant is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every guest.

Unfortunately, many guests with special needs find restaurant accessibility is lacking.

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