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Sexual assault is forced sexual activity where the person does not physically hurt you.

The law recognizes a range of offences and punishments.

A young person is a person 16 years of age or more, but under 18 years.

The courts would determine exploitation by the wrongful conduct of the person in the position of trust rather than the consent of the young person.

Sexual Exploitation: The law considers it to be sexual exploitation for anyone in a position of trust or authority over a young person, to engage in sexual activity with them.

This includes a person on whom the young person is dependent.

Trying to use force or threatening to use force may also be assault.

A person under 18 years of age cannot consent to sexual activity if: What about persons under 16 years old?

Sexual assault is any kind of assault that is of a sexual nature.

Grabbing someone's breast and sexual intercourse without a person’s consent are examples of sexual assault.

“Bodily harm” means any injury that affects your health and comfort and is more than temporary or minor in nature.

Aggravated sexual assault is forced sexual activity where the person seriously injures you.

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