Adult nursing relationship

Comments are always welcome, and questions are encouraged, as curiosity is a natural human instinct--just as nursing for nourishment and comfort is.

In the very basic definition, an ANR is an Adult Nursing Relationship in which an adult suckles from either a lactating or non-lactating woman.

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Note: Please read & respect our Terms & Conditions and Guidelines before creating listings.If the woman is not producing milk as her partner suckles, this is referred to as "dry nursing", and is often done for the purpose of closeness and comfort.A lactating woman may often "wet nurse" her partner, and this may be done to provide comfort and closeness to her partner while fulfilling her own need to nurture and nourish.After only one nursing, you will feel a connection to your partner, and this can be very difficult to release if the other person simply wants to keep things casual.I do not believe the casual ANR exists; it is a complex joyrney based on unabiding love, mutual respect, and the deepest of intimacy.

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