Age range for dating

The clerk and I got into a conversation about movies to rent and I made the comment that the last really good movie I saw was "Brokeback Mountain." This seemed to loosen him up, so to speak, and we began a conversation about gay films. The clerk told me to look in the DVD box when I got out of the store. Right now I have a massive crush on a guy that I met at pride who is in his early 60s. I'm 28 and I only date people within 5 years of my own age.

In the box was his name, address and cell phone number. When I was in my early 20's, I had a thing for older guys (10 years older), but after awhile, I realized that I'd rather be with men closer to my own age.

While youth has its appeal, being sexually attractive is hardly the exclusive domain of the young. He doesn't know what he likes, what I like or how to get there for either of us. I'll consider anyone between 30 and 55.26-29 on a case by case basis, same for 56-60.

That said, guys who lie about their age or say dumb things like, "But I look 10 years younger..." (or have 10 year old pics on their social profiles) are pathetic. Fortunately he is physically attractive enough that I can get off on "teaching" him some, but I can see it getting old fast. Anyone over 60..matter how hot or hip, I don't think I could do it publicly, too many tongues would wag. I prefer to date guys between 38 and 52, although I've gone out on dates with guys as young as 29 over the past year. We made plans to go out on a real date and had a nice time.

The guys who believe they have something in common with guys 20 or 30 years younger without realizing that that is a comment about their own emotional and mental development, not the maturity of the younger guys."You are right to some extent. There's a professor where I work who is 69 and takes really good care of himself (he looks 55-ish) and has a wonderful sense of humor.

His parents were married the same year I graduated from high school.

THat said, I'd have meaningless sex with guys 23-55. Just's interesting, we are all anonymous on this thread and yet I don't see a huge skewing toward youth.

I understand when guys in their early 20s think 40 is old but what cracks me up are guys who are 36 who wouldn't date someone in their early 40s. There are so many accusations leveled toward gays in general about that, i.e., "44 seeks 18-30."Either those accusations don't really hold up in actual practice, or DL is not representative of gay men at large. (imho)I think that if there is a presumption, reality suggests it should be more along the lines of "20 year old pursues 40 year old, WHO SHOULD BE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER but can't resist a hot 20 year old."I just got hit on at a video store last night. I rejoined a line at the counter until he waited on me. I think if you set limits such as age, you can miss out on some really great guys just because you've locked yourself into a number. There are some fugly 18 yr olds and some gorgeous 50 yr olds.

R44, if you are hot and ever reach your 40s you won't have to target younger men - they throw themselves at you. I did the math and pictured his mother handing a newborn to me when I was a senior in high school.

Maybe some men in their 40s "target" 20 y.o.s but a lot of us don't have to. I can be attracted to older men - who take care of themselves - but I can't be with someone who is insecure because of their age. "Oh the things you are going to do to this little baby."I kind of hustled him out of there.

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    If there were feedback forms on every date, it would be useful, but we’re never gonna really know why others do what they do. I’ve been dumped for Jesus, Buddha, Jehova, and that Hindu dude with the elephant head.