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Câteva surse epigrafice rețin numele unor generali romani (L. more The operations carried out in Moesia Inferior in summer and autumn of 101 AD, during Trajan's first Dacian War, supposed the last great display of the Dacian State's expansionist ambitions over Danubian Europe and were about to tilt against Rome the balance of the conflict.The overwhelming defeat suffered by the Dacians and their allies at Trajan's hands on Moesia Inferior sentenced the result of the war and indirectly sealed the fate of the Dacian kingdom. 129-136The “weapon-shaped-letters” inscription is for certain the most interesting Roman epigraphic item discovered at Sarmizegetusa Regia so far.

En este sentido, el Imperio romano marchó a la guerra, inicialmente, en defensa de sus propios intereses y de su amenazada hegemonía política en la región.Several high-ranking members in Trajan’s general staff were decorated with coronae classicae during the Dacian Wars of 101 – 106 AD.These decorations used to be granted to consular ranking officers for naval military victories over enemy...more Atunci când am scris prima versiune a studiului de față am avut drept obiectiv principal să corectez erorile matematice dintr-un articol referitor la celebrul vas al regelui Decebal descoperit la Sarmizegetusa, iar pe baza rezultatelor obținute să descifrez funcționalitatea acestui obiect devenit simbol național.Pe parcursul elaborării, comparația cu celelalte două inscripții geto-dacice descoperite până acum a dus la apariția unor capitole speciale mai ample decât anticipam la început.

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