Android news widget not updating

And when you think about it, that’s really all it needs to do.Download: Flashlight Widget (Free) Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have their own widgets that let you control your tunes without opening the app.But if you prefer to listen to music stored on your phone and you want a great-looking widget to control it, look no further than Musicolet.

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It’s ideal for shopping lists or anything else you need to remember while you’re out and about.In fact, the app is so good we’ve produced a full guide full of essential Tick Tick tips.Download: Tick Tick (Free, subscription available)A simple battery widget is a must when you need to keep an eye on your phone’s remaining charge.Download: Calendar Widget: Month (Free, in-app purchases available) Tick Tick is an awesome task management app that comes with nine widgets guaranteed to make you a whole lot more productive.They range from a comprehensive multi-page to-do list, to a three-day agenda view, to a basic checklist.

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