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“Every tide is acting like a vacuum and, as it goes out, it takes material away.” Dockrill said the village may have been surrounded by a ditch and centered around a roundhouse, currently under excavation, that would have been closer to the sea.

To read about another long-inhabited site in the Orkneys, go to "Neolithic Europe's Remote Heart." reports that a team led by D.

Nihildas said the site provides the first evidence for occupation of the region in the early Iron Age.Muddy footprints suggest the children marched one mile from the adobe city of Chan Chan to the burial site, and lesions on their breastbones indicate they were killed with ceremonial knives before they were buried facing the sea.Some of the well-preserved remains still have skin and hair, and some of the children were wearing silver earrings at the time of death.To read about funerary idols found in an elite Chimú tomb, go to "Artifact." report, researchers led by Loren Davis of Oregon State University have unearthed stone tools, the butchered remains of an extinct horse, and a hearth or fire pit at the Cooper’s Ferry site, which is situated at the junction of Rock Creek and the lower Salmon River in western Idaho.Charcoal and bone samples from the site's oldest layers associated with human artifacts have been radiocarbon dated to between 16,560 and 15,280 years ago.

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