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When Cory for ran against Sharpe the first time, James's campaign people started gay rumors about Booker. TV reports say Cory discovered the fire returning home with his "security detail." One of them was interviewed. Jim Mc Greevey's detail drove him to turnpike rest stops and waited until he was finished doing the nasty.

The rumors continued during the second run when Cory defeated Sharpe. I follow him on twitter and he responded once to some jerk who asked him straight out if he was gay.

(FWIW, I was one of the people here who wondered if Mc Greevey was gay months before his "gay American" speech.

Cory Booker: "Pointing the finger at gays"By Op Ed January 9, 2013Editor’s Note: Every Wednesday, The Stanford Daily will publish an interesting opinions piece from The Daily’s archives. Allow me to be more direct, escaping the euphemisms of my past – I hated gays.He said no, but that he had no problem with gay people.While I don't put it past politicians to lie, I don't know why you'd lie about something that you could just as easily ignore.As for him flinging gay charges against Booker, it takes one to know one. I salute him for not following the Mc Greevy model of marrying two women and having two children just for appearances and to facilitate his political career.Women don't want to be the object of such devastating deception.

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