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There are also many members from other countries of the world on the site. This is also another good Australian dating website: Aussie Cupid Review You will generally meet people from these countries and regions on Oasis Active: -Not Found- Languages that you can use on the website: Oasis Active is a Australian based dating website.It has popularity on the website and many people on Oceania is finding dating on this website.There are several sites in the oasis with archaeological remains dating to the Persian period, in particular temples and subterranean aqueducts often referred to as The most notable monument of Achaemenid date in the Kharga Oasis, and indeed the best preserved temple from the Egyptian Late Period, is the temple of Amon/Amun at Hibis. Hibis, meaning “town of the plow,” was the primary settlement in the oasis, and the temple is located just north of the modern town of Kharga. Indeed, the ostraca even contain references to ‘staters of Ionia,’ which must be Athenian tetradrachm coins, as units of account (Chauveau, 2000; Agut-Labordère, 2014). Newton, “L’économie végétale à ‘Ayn-Manâwir à l’époque perse: archéobotanique et sources démotiques,” Arta 2013.005 [

The foundation and construction of the temple is usually attributed to Darius I, whose name appears many times on the walls of the earliest part of the temple (Winlock, pp. 595-589 BCE), on the grounds that Psamtik’s Horus name (i.e., one of his royal names) appears once in the forecourt (Cruz-Uribe, 1988, pp. Second, none of the cartouches naming Darius in the temple show signs of painting over or re-cutting of Psamtik’s name (Ismail, pp. Qasr el-Ghueita (known as in Egyptian), some 20 km south of Hibis, is the site of a small sandstone temple within a mudbrick fortification wall. The main sanctuary of the temple features images of some 700 different gods from throughout Egypt in high relief. Sternberg-el Hotabi, “Die ‘Götterliste’ des Sanktuars im Hibis-Tempel von El-Chargeh: Überlegungen zur Tradierung und Kodifizierung religiösen und kulttopographischen Gedankengutes,” in M. These reliefs have been interpreted as “cult-topographical,” that is, they serve to catalog deities and cult practices from across Egypt (Sternberg-el Hotabi; Kessler; Colburn, 2014, pp. Waerzeggers,eds., , Documents de fouilles de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 42, Cairo, 2004. Rossi, “Umm el-Dabadib, Roman Settlement in the Kharga Oasis: Description of the Visible Remains, with a Note on ʿAyn Amur,” 59, 2003, pp. If you have any good or bad experience with Oasis Active, please leave a review with commenting the field below.With your reviews, other users will gain more information about the website and you will improve this review which we have provided for our readers on here.

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