Be your own dating service book

I hope with this book to add to the sum total of women’s contributions in the world now and for many future generations.

- Nina Atwood This is the story of Kelly, a charming, pretty “everywoman.” She’s smart, successful, financially secure – and notorious for making bad choices when it comes to men.

It kind of wrote itself, and it came out as a story, so it became a modern day parable – a story that teaches life lessons.

Mission Statement: I firmly believe that one of the most important decisions a woman ever makes is her choice of life partner.

Now let me assure you that this didn’t happen because I got lucky.

It happened because I did some serious re-setting of my own internal compass – what attracted me, the temptations that had plagued me in the past, the choices I had made, and the boundaries that defined what was and wasn’t good for me.

With self-actualization, a woman’s talents are expressed and the world benefits, whether it’s in the microcosm of her own family or in the macrocosm of her community, city, state, or country, and beyond.

But it’s very difficult for a woman to reach her potential, and thus to contribute her gifts, if she is drained by a toxic relationship.

So the world ends up losing the gifts and talents of generations of women whose energies are drained in destructive relationships.

Broken hearted, you move on, but now you’re more guarded, less trusting.

so if you are less trusting, you will attract men who are also less trusting.

Being totally honest with myself, I recognized that I had created my own suffering by allowing myself to be pulled off of my true path of love. In a nutshell it was Once I realized that I was being tempted in these ways, I created a whole new game plan for my life, and out of that I met and married my wonderful husband, Mark.

We recently celebrated our 8th anniversary, so we are way past the “enchantment stage” of our relationship, and we are more devoted and in love than ever.

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