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A rare version of the second generation Hoppity the Bunny Beanie Baby could be worth ,000 or more. Because this was a promotional bear and so few were produced, the bears are worth a lot.

The Chef Robuchon Beanie Baby was released in August 2006 as part of a promotion of the opening of French chef Joel Robuchon’s New York City restaurant L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel. Chef Robuchon also passed away last year making the bears even more valuable to collectors.

Who doesn’t want a stuffed pet bunny named Hoppity?

The second generation of Hoppity the Bunny featured several tag errors which were later corrected.

The toys are stuffed with plastic pellets instead of the traditional stuffing (PE and PVC), making the Beanie Babies soothingly flexible. (now Ty Inc.)How much could a stuffed animal go for, you ask? And unlike in the 90s, some Beanie Babies are incredibly rare and very expensive. Quite the sensation back in the 90s, Beanie Babies still causes frenzy among collectors today, which is why we came up with this list of the most valuable beanie babies available today.There are very rare Peace Bears with no peace symbol and those are worth much more than those with the peace sign.Other Beanie Babies that are bears include Blackie, Teddy, Valentino, Curly and Garcia. Peace the Bear can be purchased for as much as ,500.

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