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I was afraid of taking a risk; however, the Investing Practice I developed transformed my inner and outer relationship with money, connected me to my family, and, much to my surprise, transformed my fear of losing money into joyfully wielding its power to change myself and the world.

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She has cast as ‘Lindsay Laduree’ in the 2014 drama film, ’.

Even at her young age, Danielle has already ventured in Entrepreneurial activities and is surprisingly achieving a lot of success too.

As a model, she has worked with various big modeling agencies such as BMG modeling agency, Juicy Couture Clothing, and B jewelry. Her success in the music industry has heavily contributed to her You Tube success, with a majority of her fans subscribing to her You Tube channel.

Danielle has also proved herself worthy in the acting industry and has been cast in several successful movies.

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