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The goal: to hand you proven techniques for becoming happier, healthier, and smarter, in work and life.

So, read it, print it, save it, anything so you're prepared for the next time you're just ambling up and down the aisles of your local bookstore (yes, people still go there! He offers up powerful brain-based strategies and concrete tools to quickly gain control over anxiety, worry, sadness, stress, and anger, to help strengthen your resilience, and give you more purpose.

Study and learn the rules, and you will have a much higher chance of winning over the woman you hope will fall for you.

It’s a no-nonsense approach to dating, which may be exactly what you need to hear. Ask Presents the Guy’s Guide to Romance: The 11 Rules for Finding a Woman and Making Her Happy by James Bassil Relationships are partnerships, meaning it takes a mutual understanding in order to make romance work out in the end for the both of you.

But instead of dreading failure, why not embrace it? In getting there, you'll learn to get over past relationships, stop over analyzing bad dates, and rid yourself any guilt as to why you're still single, says Hamroff.

Business blogger Megan Mc Ardle uses stories from successful people in a variety of careers to illustrate the lessons we need to learn from failing—and how to come out on top. Forget what you know about self-help books being heavy and sad because thanks to the likes of Jen Sincero, that is not always the case.

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