Black college dating dating girls from sweden

But, if she's willing to forgive your "sexual mistakes" and you admit to your own sexual tendency including a Black had opportunities been different when you were the same age, I think you should see past this one-time thing given all the other things you've said about her.Find out from her friends, her family, what her social life was like before and after this one-time deal -- who she hung around with, what kind of guys she dated if it means that much to you.I also asked my girlfriend what she would think if her and I ever had kids, and her 15 year old daughter brought home a black guy to date.She said that she wouldn't put up w/ it, and wouldn't allow it.About 4 months into her and I's relationship I found out that she dated a black guy while she was in college in Kentucky.I questioned her about it, and at first she denied it, saying it wasnt true.To this day, it still haunts me, and I hate it, however I keep telling myself that I should not hold things in for people that they did in their past before they knew me.

She was a member of the track team and probably hanged out with Blacks all the time, not her fault she was 19 and naive, my humble opinion is that this shouldn't be an issue for you, good white women are hard to find and all of us have made many mistakes of many sorts, so just leave that behind and move on.

( she didnt pick her dorm mate ) She also has an old track coach who is in his late 30's who she keeps in contact with, while he is based in Kuwait. Dude, you have your answer right there, what she's done since then, never dated a Black before or after this one guy, even before you were in the picture. If you really want to be serious with this one -- you care for her -- if you keep harping on a mistake she obviously regrets, you're going to drive her away.

She says they are only friends, and thats it, as I do believe her, however MAYBE I am being a little too judgemental, and controlling w/ her??? You're not even engaged, and you're jealous with phone conversations with friends?

I have been dating the same girl now for about a year and a half.

I am 26 and I am looking for an honest, serious relationship.

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