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In 1995, International Consumer Technologies became a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision.

In a June 14, 2010 interview with gaming blog Kotaku, Kotick stated, "…[P]art of the whole philosophy of Activision was whether you're owned outright or not, if you're a studio you have control of your destiny, you could make decisions about who to hire, flexibility on what products to make, how to make them, schedules appropriate to make them, budgets." In 2009, as reported by Forbes magazine, Robert Kotick received approximately .2 million USD in salary, benefits, options and incentives for his work with Activision Blizzard, of which 3,654 was his actual salary.

I received a note from Bobby confirming that he was actually planning to show up and informing me he’d be wearing a blue sweater.

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According to the report, Kotick made .6 million in the year prior, equal to 306 times more than the average Activision Blizzard employee.He’s startup guy, and is wise to the ways of the tech press.As it turned out, he had a bit of a heads-up about who I was.On route, I even considered writing down conversation topics on the back of my hand in case we had nothing in common. He gave me a quick hug, and I promptly informed him about the news crew waiting outside.Bobby — aka Robert Leshner, the cofounder of Internet privacy company Safe Shepherd — took it like a pro.

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