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There were some larger funds with great resources and experience, but good funds got big (and so stopped having the time or incentive to go to work for seed founders), and the not-so-good ones slowly died.That got me thinking that there could be an opportunity to build a seed fund of my own — to do it professionally and stay disciplined.

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I had been a founder, and I had my own vision of how to help founders and add value. An Audacious Partnership: Raising a M Fund This M raise was, in fact, a central impetus behind Krishna’s desire to add a partner to his team.It was through those experiences that I think I realized a similar thing Krishna did.“It was 2011, and the seed stage was not super hot.There were many great angels, but angels aren’t set up to help founders with the nitty gritty of business-building.As of July 2014, startups launching on Onevest had collectively raised over million.Currently Co Founders Lab is one of the largest matchmaking service for entrepreneurs with over 80,000 entrepreneurs registered.

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