California online dating law

Industry experts, however, warn that if the law is watered down before it takes effect, companies will find ways around the requirements — or even cut free, ad-supported service.

"I think we can help set the standard for the nation," said California Assembly member James Gallagher, a Republican from Yuba City in Northern California and a supporter of the law.

California is going several steps further, giving people a clear opportunity to opt out of the sale of their data, in addition to letting them know what a company like Google knows about them.

With 40 million California residents, that could be a lot of requests, if companies comply.

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It gives users the right to delete that data and prevent its sale."The bill looks like philosophy, and when a company implements, it doesn't make any sense," said Stu Ingis, a lawyer working with Privacy for America, a coalition of advertising industry trade groups.Ingis called the law "sloppy" and "not well-drafted."Lawyers, lobbyists and technology experts are attacking the law from all sides, hoping to make industry-friendly changes before it takes effect.Already, a scramble is on among lobbyists, advocacy groups and politicians to try to ensure the California law will work, and lawmakers in Sacramento have weighed scores of proposed amendments to refine or rewrite parts of the law.Lobbyists for tech companies are looking to blunt the law's impact, while privacy advocates want to add to it, so the law's future — including how it will be enforced — is still unclear. Consumer advocates say the law could meaningfully improve online privacy without losing what people like best about the internet.

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