Cam datein on ipad

Much like the Magnifying Glass app for Android phones, this one for Apple devices is very handy.Great for magnifying small font on menus, medicine bottles, receipts and more, the app also has an adjustable flashlight option and image capture.It can also freeze-frame what you're viewing, so you don't have to keep holding the device steady while you read.Magnifying Glass for Android Magnifying Glass With Light.

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For the blind or visually impaired, this app uses the i Phone's camera to recognize currency, telling you the denomination in real time, without the need for an Internet connection.

Eye Xam for Android Eye Xam for Apple devices Amsler Grid App. This app displays the time on your i Phone or i Pad.

This app can help you test and monitor vision changes related to macular degeneration or other distortion in your vision field resulting from damage to the macula. It also displays the date in the region format and language that your device is set to. This web browser extension increases the readability of websites and is fully customizable.

Take the time to read the full description of this app, to avoid conflicts with other alarms you may have set on your smartphone.

Medi Safe Pill Reminder for Android Medi Safe Pill Reminder for Apple devices Polaroid UV.

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