Catchy titles for dating ads

Many digital marketing platforms provide built-in A/B testing tools so you can test headlines. I prefer slightly long main headlines because they tend to keep the reader’s attention.The headline must be directed at the target and start to answer the question that’s in the reader’s mind: “What’s in it for me? I HATE split infinitives, but a headline with a split infinitive recently beat one without. Give your emails a headline and watch open rates and conversion rates skyrocket.Photos can augment a headline but must be relevant and complementary. “How I Beat the Stock Market by 23% Last Year.” (23% is specific.“A lot” would be too general to get the same result.)Headlines are vital because they draw the reader into the body copy. Then imagine you’re about to tell someone a story or you want to provide some advice; imagine you want to get their attention. The ultimate headline expert is the reader — the person you’re trying to persuade.Again, the editor has left off the “how to” but these books use the how-to formula.As a headline for an advertisement, “How to Eat More Food and Lose More Weight” would be a winner.Many of these are from Dan Kennedy’s classic copywriting book, The Ultimate Sales Letter.

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By signing up on an internet dating site, you have indicated that you are intent on meeting someone.

On this cover, you also see the “list” headline: 50 things…List headlines are increasingly popular in the online environment.

Here’s from London: 10 classic cocktails from Mad Men.

Testing headlines is relatively simple if you have (and know how to use) certain tools.

Visual Website Optimizer is a popular conversion testing tool. In each of these platforms, simply try one headline as version ‘A’ and another as version ‘B’ and you’ll quickly get a sense of which headline resonates.

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