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Our i OS app is therefore designed and optimised for those wanting to set up dates while out and about.One of the fantastic things about Ceroc Enterprises as an organisation is the uniformity of the safety standards set solidly in the minds of its instructors, and moves that have not been risk-assessed and properly documented and taught in a safe manner simply are not acceptable. I've seen classes taught by Ceroc franchises described as unsafe, so this is not NPOV. should remain, as the homepage of Ceroc Enterprises.I'm thinking it's trying to make some point about Ceroc Ltd being good and holy and its competitors being dangerous cowboys, but it's not entirely clear what's being said. I also removed this: If it's unofficial, it can't be Ceroc, due to the nature of trademarks and such. I've also kept the C&MJ link, because I believe that is technically a seperate company, rather than merely a franchise. Here they are: The whole "history of Ceroc" stuff is both bloated and irrelevant; it reads like a press release.In the meantime, absent a documented reason for its removal, I've restored it David James Bailey (talk) , 23 September 2008 (UTC) This article should be less biased.It contains phrases like "the fantastic thing about Ceroc...". There is still an obvious opposition to non-qualified people trying to circulate dance moves where their complexity could be dangerous (if not professionally taught).

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