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Unfortunately, Mario soon becomes aware something is very wrong when Peach looks worried, holding an odd letter in her hands.The warmth of the fireplace and photos of past epic adventures in Mario's new Pad does little to ease the two heroes and the even more depressed Toadsworth. It keeps unfolding until Mario realizes the horror of the letter.The horror of such a concept takes Mario off guard, and he drops the Colorless and Paperfied Brustache.

We will dine together, swim oceans together, cruise, see plays, enjoy tailgate parties, cheer with the Lakers or the Boston Celtics together. So to ask where is Sankofa Fun Club..are right where you are.

With the boxes cleared, the trio decide to head to Prisma Fountain in the centre of town to see if there’s anyone around. Mystified at the lack of locals in such a popular location, as well as noticing how similar the plans for the city are to Rogueport, Toadsworth decides to look around for any Brustaches.

While he’s gone, Peach and Mario speculate who sent the magically folded Brustache they hold to begin with.

Thinking on it, Mario finally realizes what's so odd about the stamp- it matches a mark he's been seeing in his dreams ever since the beginning of last year's Sticker Fest.

In turn, his local doctor Merlon told Mario it matched the mark of Prism Island, which Mario has a map of on a billboard to remind him of.

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