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Those two sound effects became very familiar in the Marvel Universe in the mid-80s.When Grant Morrison took over "JLA" and returned the series to its rightful place as the centerpiece of the DC Universe with the "Big Seven" superheroes starring in the book, he soon gained a bit of a reputation when it came to Batman.

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Whenever the Scourge killed someone, his special gun would give off the sound "Pum" when it fired and then the sound of the bullet made a "spak" noise.

Their war had been put off for years by a pact where the two leaders (Highfather and Darkseid) would swap sons with each other.

However, when Highfather's son, Scott Free, escaped from Apokolips (as Darkseid knew he would), the war was back on, although Darkseid's son, Orion, chose to fight alongside the New Gods against his birth father.

The "Fourth World" titles introduced a number of fascinating ideas, including the Mother Box, the sort of super-computer that was paired with all of the beings of New Genesis.

It was essentially a living being who performed all kinds of functions for its owners, including repairing injuries.

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