Consolidating credit card debt pros and cons brooks forester dating

If your credit score isn’t somewhere above 700, you probably won’t qualify.Also, there normally is a transfer fee involved (2–3% of the balance being transferred) and an expiration date (usually 12–18 months) on the 0% interest rate.

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So if you are delinquent on several credit cards or bills (e.g.For people who feel helpless with their financial situation and don’t want to declare bankruptcy, debt settlement could be the short-term answer.However, if there is a chance to weigh the advantages of debt management vs.Debt settlement and debt consolidation are two forms of financial help for people struggling with more debt than they can repay.The two terms are often used interchangeably, which leads to a great deal of confusion on the part of consumers, who may not realize that these are vastly different debt relief services.

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