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I situated myself on his erection and began grinding my wet pussy on him, cupping my breasts in my hands. I started riding him in the position with my legs spread, and it immediately made me super horny, so much, that I needed to switch positions and he started fucking me even harder.

I never thought that I would enjoy having sex with him so much that I wanted him to bust right into me.

My beautiful blonde hair, my sexy glasses, my juicy lips and tiny little pink pussy dripping wet, he just couldn’t contain himself.

I thought ‘fuck it’ and just decided to fuck his cock, feel his hot throbbing cock cum in me again.

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My stepdad could see my open, wet lips, my aroused clit, and my pussy opening itself. He shushed me by covering my mouth with his as he pounded my little pink hole over and over.

He said that he wanted to relieve my study and sports related stress with just some relaxation massage.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my breasts, massaging and caressing them. He kept massaging me unsuccessfully trying to cover his erection.

He told me that, in order to keep up the perfect posture, I could grab on his dick for support, and after I did, he slowly but surely convinced me to open my mouth and give him a blowjob.

I could feel his cock before but I only got an idea of how big it was when it was inches from my face.

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