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Rhi, my dearest, Chris has spent enought time away from you and it’s now time to act the part of the adult that you are and rekindle the ONLY romance your young, kind and forgiving heart will allow, K?

Besides, we all wanna know how you got Breezy to put your draws on his head!

He told the folks over at Hot 97 this morning: THAT BISH IS NOT TALENTED!!!! She made a guest appearance on Breezy's tour [keyword: BREEZY's tour], Bow Wow's headlined, hell even Ciara has headlined a tour and I think she's garbage as well. They probably chilled after attending Jay Zs friends party that other night. rihanna paid bloggers start attacking the blogowners when someone besides them gets to give an opinion LOL LOL LOL only in crazyland could something like that happen.

Long After They Tie The Knot - See Couple's 1st Flick» Did Judge Mathis SPIT On A Valet?

They really needed an excuse to give her that plaque huh?

Live shows bring in money along with record sales and 12 million is no huge achievement especially after they milked GGGB, releasing 8 singles and re-released the album 90 different times and shit. This was all for publicity, on both their parts but most likely leaked from Rihannas PR. SMH I believe the dude, that they are not together so stop speculating. EVERYONE where i live is waiting waiting for Chris to hit the stage.

It's like her whole life from the day she signed with Def Jam has been scripted. Sit down and restructure a new game plan or she will be gone sooner that she'd love to. They will make you and break you in no time for the next new trendy product that comes in the game. Top project on the list will be to have her singing in no time. Chris, hurry and come out with some shit so all of your supporters can come out and get it, K? Doubt if she'll challenge her team/management though. Back in the day, if a singer or actress was in any type of trouble, the record company or movie studio would intervene, NOW, they don't give a fuck. Hope she learned her lesson from her team arranging her "boyfriends! ok 100%_Team_Chris: @Rhianna or Melissa, We know you, from time to time, do peruse these blogs and said web sites; so please take this underadvisement, take this Drake person back, the people from Jerry’s Kids are looking for him and will soon call the authorities.

I feel there was always a reason Breezy was always looking depressed on candids..."Fix up" I don't even think Rihanna really knows who Rihanna really is. A lil Island chick that loved R&B and Reggae and the whole Beyonce movement. After that it was a whole manufactured product for mass appeal. Hell, record companies are owned by business corporations that are interested in one thing. How many units does the number one artist sell nowadays on release date? Artists gotta think about getting that money from live shows, capitalizing on merchandizes etc I just don't see this chick doing anything but catwalking the streets. Then I will hire Cici to teach her some dancing, then..... She needs people who have HER best interest at heart. They figure ANY publicity is good publicity, no matter who it hurts. " Hope she tells them she will not be a part of their foolishness! American Haters SUCK: to the idiot that is asking chris brown to go back with the nut case, I say chris is NOT THAT BIG A FOOL. Not only does he have all the physical characteristics of the mentally challenged: the sloping eyes, the jaundiced yellow coloring that neither prolonged exposure to the sun nor copious amounts of or Menalin taken orally will , but, in listening to him this morning his speach pattern and choice of wording and useage of displays subaverage cognitive functioning and deficits in tow or more adaptive behaviors HE’S A FUCKING RETARD!!!

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