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The Lena Pillars are vertical rock formations that stretch 40 kilometres along the banks of the Lena River in Yakutia.

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The Katun Nature Reserve has a predominantly glacial landscape, as glaciers occupy up to 50% of its area.These features include masonry from white limestone, refined proportions, exquisite stone carving, and an exterior "lightness" of the buildings that all blend in with the surrounding landscape.The Uspensky and Dmitrievsky cathedrals in Vladimir, the Golden Gates, Cathedral of the Nativity in Suzdal, and the bishop's chambers in the Suzdal Kremlin, Spaso-Evfimiyev and Pokrovsky monasteries are the most prominent examples of this architectural style.From afar they appear to form a solid wall that descends into the river.Harsh yet magnificent, their incredible beauty is truly mesmerising.

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