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United States Air Force rescue swimmers are called pararescuemen (PJs) and perform sea-based and land-based rescues, although the rescue swimmer portion of their duties is sparsely used.

Navy air rescue swimmers were recently split into two separate rates.

Once stationed at a Coast Guard Air Station, apprentice ASTs must complete 6 months of qualification on their respective airframe before moving on to finish their rescue swimmer syllabus and becoming journeymen.

The Coast Guard holds a one-week Advanced Helicopter Rescue School (AHRS, formerly known as Advanced Rescue Swimmer School) at Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment, Washington, which is host to Air Force pararescuemen (PJs), Navy rescue swimmers, and foreign rescue departments as well.

This gives PJs one of the highest attrition rates of any of America's Special Operations Forces.

PJs are an elite special operations component, engaging in combat search and rescue. During war, they rescue downed pilots, special-operations troops left behind, and other stranded military men and women.

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