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This happens across all categories – canned foods, brands of cars, places to go on vacation, etc. They create a service and attempt to get into a category that’s already saturated. Start with an aspect of your customer’s need that’s critically important to them and is currently unfulfilled. If you do compete, you’ve already lost, especially when dealing with well-financed competitors who have been at the game for a long time. The competitor has already gotten into the mind of your customer. Create a new category that you can be first in and let others compete to get in.Base your new mental category on a key need that is currently unmet, and build out your product to meet it. You’re a search engine maker, not a social networking maker. Categories diverge and they emerge just like species emerge and diverge in ecosystems.If you understand this and you’re willing to create a new category, you can win the game.So if you buy a David Deangelo product, whether you like it or not, I suggest you check your credit card statement every month, to make sure you don’t get overbilled.

They simply bill your credit card every month until you cancel – hoping you don’t notice that being charged every month.In the end, having the confidence to pick up a woman, and to keep trying with other women after getting shot down by the first, is the most useful dating tool you can have.Have confidence in yourself, but don’t have confidence in confidence men.It’s natural that a competitive market like “dating”, which is full of marketers who are also “players”, is going to be full of charge and counter-charge, in order to undermine a competitor’s business, while marketing one’s own.So my intention is to offer both sides and let you decide.

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