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When the police come knocking, your beloved will be reluctant to give up their whereabouts, and this is likely to put a strain on the relationship. 3) A man should realise the idea of sex is abhorrent for a woman, and shouldn’t affront her virtue by making her “the football of his lust”.(I have no idea what “football of his lust” means; nor do I think I want to).As you can imagine, for the middle and upper classes this made dating a minefield. Restrictive formality dictated every interaction you had with your potential match, meaning you really had to watch what you said and how you said it.What’s worse, all meetings were so rehearsed and formalised that you would only ever see your dearly sought-after at their prim and preened best (meaning you had no idea what they were actually like until you were married, and the mundane daily tasks took over).Some, however, armed themselves with a copy of “The Marriage Guide for Young Men”. Instead it’s more a intriguing repository of insane advice from a bygone age.(Self-) published in 1883 by American Methodist minister George W. Highlights include: 1) Seek out women with large, bulbous heads; they’re bound to be “well sexed” and “full of pluck.” Words fail me…But there was at least some rationale behind the proscriptive values of Victorian courtship: to uphold the values they believed propped up their civilisation.For young men and women, having to navigate a dating culture that required them to act a certain way meant self-help books were all the rage.

Before 1823, the legal age for both men and women had been 23. Tell us about your research project in a message below to learn more. We have a vast network of 4,000 genealogists in over 90 countries who can help with coaching consults and complex research projects. This entry was originally posted by Crestleaf in Family Photos, Genealogy Tips and tagged family photos, Victorian era portraits, vintage family photos on July 15, 2015 by Natalie L. Subscribe to the blog above and automatically receive our next article. You may have thought being named after—and presided over by—a strong female monarch like Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901) might have done something to soften the naked masculinity of the time. This was the age of muscular Christianity, the age in which the western male came to dominate and subjugate through industry and empire; the age, in short, in which men were real men, women were real men; even the children were real men.

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