Dating divas sweet treats

I thought it was too cute and wanted a larger version of it, so I made this.I now have Surrender Your Treats Print in this frame and displayed in my home right now, and I LOVE it!I grabbed some mini candy bars and when I moved onto the gourmet chocolate, he rolled his eyes and told me I was thinking like a girl.For my Mother’s Day cans I used the small 7-8 ounce cans. In case you’re wondering, a bag of corn nuts fits perfectly in a normal soup-size can. You can also fit quite a bit fun-sized candy bars in there too.

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Basically, you are removing the of a tab-top tin can, emptying and cleaning it, and then filling it with treats and goodies.) Now, for even more Halloween printables: #1) – Eat, drink, and be SCARY with this flirty Halloween game for two!#2) – Double, Double, Toil Trouble | An 8×8 print and 4×4 tags of Shakespeare’s ultimate Halloween equation!Here is the list of Open When...'s that I did for this customer Open When... - A "Sweet Nothing" sticky note to be filled out (purchase HERE) - 1 scratch card (Purchase HERE) Contents of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 1 "Why i really really really like you" fill out paper (purchase HERE) - 1 "For the one I love" paper to be filled out - 2 quotes - 3 scratch cards or love lottos (purchase HERE) - Hearts to write things you love about the recipient - Pictures of the couple (to be added) Content of this envelope: - A letter (Needs to be added) - 2 quotes - 1 "High five" fill out paper (purchase HERE) - Star confetti If you noticed, all the envelopes have wax seals on them.

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