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Amputee Dating2 " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=1000" class="aligncenter wp-image-1561 size-dyad-featured-image-horz" src=" w=960&h=640&crop=1" alt="Amputee Dating2" width="960" height="640" srcset=" w=960&h=640&crop=1 960w, w=1920&h=1280&crop=1 1920w, w=150&h=100&crop=1 150w, w=300&h=200&crop=1 300w, w=768&h=512&crop=1 768w, w=1024&h=683&crop=1 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px" / Growing up, I was much more self-conscious about my disability in social environments.

In fact, elementary and middle school were extremely difficult for me.

For example, I sometimes think that the reason I’ve never been in a relationship is because I have a disability.

I don’t think these self-doubts will ever fully go away, but I’ve learned that confidence makes a big difference.

Although I am extremely independent, I get some assistance around the house.

For example, my mom and sister help me with getting objects that are out of reach for me, carrying heavy things, and cleaning.

I know that some amputees may not be comfortable with being asked personal questions regarding their disability.

However, this goes hand-in-hand with self-acceptance. In the past, I’ve heard that some amputees encounter “weirdos” – or strange people who have a fetish for limb loss. Every person is different, and we can’t make a generalization regarding how people view amputees when it comes to dating.

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I start out by telling them that I’m an amputee – sometimes people assume that I hurt my legs, that I’m wearing leg braces, that I have issues with walking in general, etc. I think it’s important for amputees to realize that people are genuinely curious, and that some people care to know how your amputation has played a role in your daily life.

I’m open to it, but I wouldn’t say that it’s my preference.

I didn’t grow up with any amputees and I barely know any personally, so I feel like it would be a very different experience. Some amputees may want to date someone just like them, because they’ll feel that that person truly understands their situation.

Being an amputee, I feel that relationships and marriage shouldn’t only consist of love and care; they should also consist of perseverance, empathy, and understanding.

When I don’t have my prosthetic legs on, I’m much shorter.

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