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Many of us haven't been on a true "double date" since we were in grade school and wanted to hang out with our crush without making it an Official Date.But double dates can actually be a great way to bond with your partner and get to know your couple friends.

I've never lost my best friend through all of this. He says I'm amazing, and he cares about me, and I'm one of his absolute favorites, but he's backed away from all physical intimacy with me because "us as a long term couple is scary". I feel simultaneously loved to death and expendable. I don't think these things are an attempt to let me down easy. Your description just makes him sound like some mastermind manipulator.However, "the thought of having [me] in [his] life forever makes [him] so happy". I think he's legitimately hopeful we somehow manage to navigate through life together but not together. I can't emphasize enough I know how much he cares about me.Upvoting, because while not what I WANT to hear, I think you have it down.I do know that someone less emotionally minded than myself would have said "his loss", and looked elsewhere long ago.

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