Dating gretsch country gentleman

On solidbodies, it's usually inside the control cavity.Note also that Gretsch, like the Detroit automakers, had model years, so in the same way a '57 Thunderbird may have been made in 1956, a '57 White Falcon may have been made earlier.It does not have the pad on the back and only one pickup selector (no mud switch like many other country classic models have had). Only problem is there is no serial number on the back of the headstock and I am having a hard time dating when and where the guitar was made. He used the guitar – made for him in 1955 – on many recordings, and it was no doubt a source of inspiration for the subsequent Country Gentleman format.

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In other words, try not to obsess over this stuff too much.

Gretsch began numbering it's guitars sequentially in 1939, beginning with the better models.

They started, sensibly enough, at 001, just writing the number inside the back.

Gretsch numbered most of their guitars chronologically, which would give a pretty accurate picture of when it was built, but specs were pretty fluid, to say the least, so the serial number and the actual specs of any particular guitar may not match.

The specs may have been changed over the years, as well.

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