Dating how to get him to commit

If you’re the type of woman who relies on her man to choose everything from where to go for dinner to what to wear on New Year’s Eve, then he’s going to either get bored of your indecisiveness, or become annoyed by it.

As much as guys like to be in control, they have different interests than women and the last thing they want to do is answer to all your girlie decisions.

In the beginning of a romantic relationship it’s easy to get swept away by infatuation and to want to spend all of your free time with your lover.

That said, you should never lose yourself to your relationship.

If you’re reading this, you want a committed boyfriend.

Do you want to find a man and make him truly commit, and only want you?

Because even if you’re talking about the weather, if you’re planning your honeymoon in your head, he’ll be able to tell something is up.

Now, let’s move on and talk about some ‘commitment-building’ tactics…Men often say they hate surprises, but that simply isn’t true.

Don’t go overboard with positivity and closeness all the time.

Cuddling is good occasionally but don’t cling to him like a baby kangaroo 24/7!

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