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By reading book like The Dating Playbook For Men, says the author, shows that you don’t allow your ego to get in the way of your personal growth. The author says that you shouldn’t prove yourself to women.Some men try to talk women’s off on how good they are, or “trying to show higher value” like some pick up artists say.Jessie wants it all, and who am I to take that away from her? I also know that I shouldn’t string myself along either. As the cab driver pulled up to my apartment, we laughed because it was literally PM as day 41 was approaching. This has completely challenged my personal life, the way I conduct myself, the way I approach relationships, how I consider the consequences of my actions, and my ability to let a woman into my life emotionally. I had something I made for her before the trip, but considering what happened last night, I didn’t know whether I should give it to her. Ultimately I think we make a great couple on paper, but reality is a completely different story.Before heading to the airport she gave me an envelope that had the book by A. Selfishly, part of me wishes that she could be more of an aggressor, someone who would try to convince me to change my mind just once. Maybe that’s all BS, and I’m just making cowardly excuses. Maybe I’m just a scared little boy who can’t “man up.” Whatever it is, I know she deserves more.

This was like boot camp, and we learned stuff about each other that one wouldn’t normally know for a long time.

Indeed, The Dating Playbook For Men advocates that you don’t even try to get all women to like you.

You should always be yourself and be on the lookout for women who vibe with who you are. Bring that child together into this life and enjoy yourself. Andrew Ferebee says that women want both jerks and good guys… Women want when who respect them and can be nice to them.

Maybe we should have seen this coming the whole time.

While I feel exhausted from it all right now, I also feel a real sense of hope for myself. How do you feel about this relationship/project right now?

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