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And the only sounds are the occasional plashing of an oar, the creaking of an oarlock, the springlike leap and flip-flop of a fish. Bedel, is the dullest of all things; don't you think so?

Because a boat looks very pretty from the shore, we fancy that the shore must look very pretty from a boat; and when we try it, we find we have only got down into a pit and can see nothing rightly.

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The memorial is located near Arlington National Cemetery.

Here you can view up-to-date commercial landings information for the following species; black sea bass, bluefish, fluke, horseshoe crab, menhaden, scup, striped bass, and tautog.

Please remember that horseshoe crab quota and landings are reported as count of individual crabs harvested for non-biomedical purposes.

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The benefits of many standard medical insurance policies do not apply beyond the borders of your home country.

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