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Here’s a look at some of the lyrics to the song: I think I missed you callin' on the other line / I'm just thinkin' all these thoughts up in my mind / Talkin' love but I can't even read the signs / I would sell my soul for a bit more time / You stain all on my body like you're red wine / You're the f*ckin' acid to my alkaline / You run your middle finger up and down my spine / I'm sorry there was no one to apologize The video very clearly highlights how close Halsey and Yungblood seem to be, which shouldn’t be surprising, since they’ve been the subject of romance rumors as of late.

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In the video for the song, Halsey and Yungblood play a couple at the center of a heartbreaking tragedy.we don’t realise how much we depend on something til its taken away. but its important to me to focus on the right now 🖤It sounds like this was a really personal song and video for Yungblood.It’s nice to see that he put so much heart and soul into it.The video lists them out as chapters, so chapter one is denial, followed by anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.The overall message of the song and video seems to be that people should appreciate what they have while they still have it.

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