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The crucial distinction is that the Christian work ceases to be trivial, and assumes didactic or instruc- tive power at once and for ever : for much good, long unmixed ; but in after time for much evil also.

52) with praise, as endeavouring to check the extravagance of his time by sumptuary laws.

There can be little doubt that this type-form is taken from a statue by Calamis, or of his time, called Hermes Criophorus, or the Ram-bearer. on the original sources of the Art of the Catacombs ; and for an out- line of the Statue of Hermes, Seeman's 2 Gotter und Heroen, sub nomine.

They only want the gravity and balance of orderly composition. Parker's views about the sepulchres being actually in use as habitations. If this be the case, it will throw an interesting light on the question of how far the Christian cemeteries were ever made places of tem- porary habitation. These are from tombs in the Appian and Ardeatine Way, and contain a Good Shepherd of the Greek type, and a Vine curved into volute-like festoons of great beauty, with boy grape-gatherers, like those of Praetextatus. Similar volutes are 4 8 Appendix* great part of the frame-ornament of the tombs on the Latin Way (Photographs 2098 — 2103, particularly the two first). These have been already described, and it may be said that though inferior as subjects to the earlier Statilian pictures, they are even more skilful in execution, being admirably propor- 2 Seeman (O.) Die Gotter und Heroen der Griechen. The gigantic blackbird, the spoonbill, attagen, crocodile, and palm, are as well done as they can possibly be; and the doves in 2704 should be compared with one or two of those in the Domitilla vaultings — the same hand might have done them. For the greater number of the catacomb paintings, they are of an entirely different character, and for the most part (as far as I can judge from the photographs) of later date and far inferior work.

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