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The municipal government was restored in 1820 along with the title of city and in 1823 San José became the capital of Costa Rica.This makes San José is one of the youngest capital cities in Latin America by year of conception.This is especially true for San José, the nation's educational hub home to a large number of public and private universities..

De León thus ordered the construction of a chapel near the area known as La Boca del Monte which was completed a year later. Joseph was chosen as parish patron, hence its current name.

Nevertheless, private institutions do exist within the city.

These educational institutions range from pre-schools to universities.

The schools of law, agronomy, fine arts, and pharmacy continued to operate independently, but Costa Rica had no university proper until 1940, when those four schools were re-united to establish the modern University of Costa Rica (UCR), during the reformist administration of President Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia.

The city's public education system is composed of pre-schools, elementary and high schools (from grades 7 to 11), which are located in all of the city's districts and are under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Education.

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