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All client and database members’ information is kept strictly confidential.Continue reading → “I was frustrated by another dating service and felt as though my time was wasted.More than any other dating service, we focus on finding individually selected candidates to meet your exacting criteria. We will ask questions about whether you truly are relationship-ready.Our custom-tailored matchmaking services focus on highly personalized recruitment, advertisements specific to your search, private cocktail mixers for men and our own very important personal networks. Would you go on a cross-country road trip without an oil change and an at least cursory look at the state of the rubber on your tires?

Your love coaching and guidance has also helped tremendously in terms of giving me added confidence and mojo.”Male, late 40s They are successful, attractive, active, well put together individuals with discerning tastes.

They are simply not interested in being in a serious relationship at this time in their life.

Others stay single due to the circumstances of their lives.

We’ve been taught that falling in love is a matter of chance; but what if it’s simply a set of optimal circumstances which, when put together, as in the right place and the right time,?

Can […] Like a moth to a flame, single women are drawn to a man in a relationship, and are sometimes successful in poaching someone else’s mate.

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