Dating single mother child support

Also, if you have no money or connections in China then you can't do anything or hold anyone accountable.The culture and environment is too competitive for anyone to care.I think that is only possible if you do not have a stable income.However, in that case, the law is clear it is not a percentage of the income, but a fixed amount decided by the court.

Unfortunately, there is generally no attempt to enforce legal agreements after divorce unless people pull strings and produce guanxi and bribes.

People can take or abandoned children without fear of legal consequences.

Divorce is one of the hottest social topic in the past 10 to 15 years, presumably due to the divorce rate had been rising.

If you do have a stable income, the court decides a percentage.

Ironically, despite this sub/reddit hates social credit system, not paying child support will land you on the social credit blacklist, because you are refusing to execute a court order, that is actually the only sure way to get you on the blacklist fast.

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