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We deliver communication services that help our clients operate efficiently.We are in the business of improving our clients’ bottom line. In today’s digital age, our alliances with leading technology providers help us deliver the tools necessary for a business to succeed.By comparison, roughly two in three consider TV a reliable news source and just under half consider newspapers reliable.The extent to which social media are used for news and information is strongly correlated to age.Regardless of respondents’ support for political freedom of speech, Whats App and Facebook remain the most popular services.Despite their daily use of social media, many internet users express concerns about government surveillance of their online activities.Facebook and Whats App are the dominant social media platforms in the region, both sites used by more than three in four respondents.High use of these platforms is consistent regardless of gender or age.

Moreover, direct messaging is the more likely tool used to connect with others compared to email, among other activities online.

Facebook remains one of the more dominant social media platforms by a wide margin among nationals who use the internet, although usage has declined since 2013.

Use of Twitter and Google has also waned, while Instagram has risen sharply in popularity, particularly among younger adults.

Younger adults spend more time online than older adults, and perhaps consequently are more likely to use multiple social media platforms.

Whats App, though, crosses generational divides and exhibits robust popularity among all age groups.

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