Dating someone who is legally blind

This way, the individual can anticipate the terrain based on your cues.Alert them to steps, curbs and other potential problems you are approaching that might be difficult to see.Encourage them to ask questions and speak up if they are traveling alone and need assistance.When walking with someone with impaired vision, try to walk a few steps ahead, at a pace that is slower than usual.

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"Difficulty reading was the most common complaint, reported by 66.4 percent of patients.Trouble reading is the most commonly reported problem of people with low vision, regardless of the underlying cause of their vision loss, according to a study.The Low Vision Rehabilitation Outcomes Study recruited 819 patients seeking low vision services at 28 clinical centers in the United States.The study authors concluded that since difficulty reading was the most common complaint, reading rehabilitation should be a cornerstone of low vision care. Through smartphones the blind person shows the sighted helper the scene, so the two can work together to solve the problem the blind person is coping with at the moment. Getting out of the house can help lift the spirits of a person with low vision.A Danish furniture craftsman named Hans Jorgen Wiberg, who began losing his vision at age 25, came up with the idea of Be My Eyes. If their vision is not good enough to drive, offer to take them grocery shopping once a week.

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