Dating violence statistics college students

Last month, Diamoney Greene, a student at the University of South Carolina, was killed by her boyfriend. While not currently at the forefront of a national conversation, domestic violence remains as prevalent an issue among college students as sexual assault.One in five students has experienced domestic violence — a statistic that directly mirrors the U. Department of Justice’s findings on student victims of sexual assault (though some have contested those findings).Redetzke Field adds, “Violence in high school relationships carries over to college.And if violence is present in a person’s first relationship, it can present larger barriers to trying to figure out how to have a healthy relationship after that.Many colleges have counseling and support services for students who are victims of domestic violence, in addition to partnerships with local domestic violence shelters.For example, The Aurora Center for Advocacy & Education at University of Minnesota provides a safe place for its students, faculty, staff, alumni and family members who are victims or concerned people of sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking. And the difficulty of escaping this kind of relationship is hard—at any age,” says Becky Redetzke Field, legal advocacy coordinator at The Aurora Center for Advocacy & Education at University of Minnesota.

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College-aged women experience a higher rate of partner violence than any other age group, according to the Justice Department.Thirteen percent of college women say they have been stalked, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.Of college students who have been sexually assaulted, 35 percent of them were assaulted while on a date.And although men can be abused in relationships, they are far outnumbered by women. Basically, this says that colleges have to collect statistics for cases of sexual assault in addition to incidents of dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.Moreover, colleges are required to include a statement of policy and procedures about how they’re handling these crimes.

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