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What you’re waiting for, it’s time for you to show it off, Don’t be a shy kinda guy, I’ll bet it’s beautiful, Come on baby let me see what you’re hidin’ underneath.I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, cock.” Pop music has always pushed the boundaries, jumping over parents’ heads to speak directly to the kids. Lately, it seems like the audience for sexually charged pop music is getting younger and younger.Nonetheless, this team-up with pitbull is all over the radio and has its fair share of suggestive lyrics.“The bigger they are, the harder they fall, These big-iddy boys are dig-gidy dogs, I have ’em like Miley Cyrus, clothes off, Twerking in their bras and thongs, timber, Face down, booty up, timber, That’s the way we like to–what?But as we see such websites as are quite popular, that does not prevent the rapid emergence of alternatives chatroulettei.Now we analyze in detail the possibilities Chat Random, which is not so much.Let's learn a little more about this online service.Chat Random - this is a random video chat, access to which is absolutely free.

The guy has a voice like honey and he’s probably the hardest working man in show business. And everyone in line in the bathroom, Trying to get a line in the bathroom, We all so turned up here, Getting turned up, yeah, yeah So la da di da di, we like to party Dancing with Molly, doing whatever we want.” In theory, this song is harmless fun.

Whatever your thoughts on the issue, you should approach each Katy Perry album with caution before letting the kids listen.

You never know when she’ll drop lyrics like this, from the song “Peacock” on her second album. Don’t be a chicken boy, stop acting like a bitch, I’m a peace out if you don’t give me the pay off, Come on baby let me see, what you’re hidin’ underneath, Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?

Katy Perry is the undisputed queen of mixed messages. There isn’t a five-year old girl around who doesn’t know and love “Roar”, and granted, that’s a pretty catchy empowerment song (even if she did rip off Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”). ” is beyond inappropriate for that same demographic.

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of playing Perry’s last album “Teenage Dream” with your kids around, you undoubtedly came across these lyrics: “Barbie’s on the barbeque, Is this a hickie or a bruise? Luckily, this smash song hides the innuendo better than most, and kids probably won’t understand references like “Molly” or “trying to get a line in the bathroom”. But if you’ve got an eleven-year old who’s on the cusp of hearing about some of this stuff at school, you may want to skip over this one when it pops up on Pandora.

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