Dna dating match

In reality, though, genetics are just one of several factors, including lifestyle, environment, and other health conditions, that play a role in conveying risk for certain conditions.

Yet humans are notoriously terrible at understanding how much that interplay actually puts them at risk of developing a disease.

That’s the whole reason there’s an entire profession — genetic counseling — devoted to helping people understand their genetic risk.

Now imagine placing that information into people’s hands with basically no context, and on a dating app.

Pheramor, a startup based in Houston, Texas, says it can use your DNA to find you a perfect match.

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For some women on birth control, the effects of HLA attraction may be reduced.

This report will explain the details of each component making up our DNA Analysis and how you are compatible with each other on those specific DNA markers.

Moreover you will also complete a psychological assessment to augment your DNAcompatibility analysis to give a broader picture of your compatibility.

You have the option of not allowing your DNA results to be matched to other DNA samples by turning off this feature on your profile.

Your DNA samples will be kept at our partner Instant Chemistry’s lab who has performed thousands of tests to dates and adhere to the highest security protocols. If you see someone that interests you can initiate a conversation with that person and if you both agree you can order a comprehensive DNA match report.

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