Do online dating sites really work

I had never used a website before that, but I would tell you to be careful of how you use these websites.

Just a few tips, when you write a profile, be entirely honest when writing your profile, read about what others are writing then try to be different, while still being honest.

She had some major anger issues that I learned the hard way.It was funny, every match was someone who was EXTREEMELY religious, born again, saved...nothing against these matches, just not matches I was curious to communicate w & possibly meet.I have to agree with Aquarose on this one because I was with Match for a while back in 03 and yeah I was busy.Very interesting, so far, I've only been on 2 dates, I get people who email me but many I feel are playing online & are looking for a penpal.Some have emailed me expressing interest, & when I send a reply, often I never geta reply back, leading me to believe many are contacting many people at once or suddenly realize they aren't interested?

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