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For each electronic form completed for that patient, a new encounter is created.

Each will have a unique encounter_id and encounter_type.

The primary term should be the word(s) used most often by those who will have access to the records to prevent duplicate concept creation.

A shortened version of the primary name for use in space-constrained contexts (e.g., a column header in a spreadsheet).

What follows is an introduction to the Concept Dictionary, Open MRS's unique foundation, and how it provides flexibility for the implementation.

Encounters are typically represented as a form (consisting of hundreds of observations), but could also be a touch-screen patient registration or a single lab test for CD4.

For example, a patient visits a health center or hospital.

A fully-specified name is a term that fully describes the concept in an unambiguous way.

A concept have at least one fully-specified name (in any locale). By default, this is the fully-specified name; however, full-specified names are sometimes long and more detailed than necessary for day-to-day use.

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